Terumi has taught over 50 classes through the adult education program in Marin County, California on Feng Shui for the home, business and the garden. The experiential classes are highly popular as the esoteric art of Feng Shui is made u
nderstandable and useable.

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Happy Spring Equinox (March 20) and
Happy Chinese New, Year of the Rooster (January 28)
The years of the rooster are always marked by success for those who have taken patience and hard work on their projects or investments. This year they will be able to see the fruits of everything they have dedicated for their businesses to flow. It?s predicted that some governments will take a tough line generating authoritarianism and there may be threats of various kinds causing clashes between nations. Rooster individuals are those born in 1933, '45, '57, '69, '81, '93, 2005, '17. They are said to be direct and talkative, hardworking, resourceful and courageous. Rooster individuals are good at managing money for self and others and loyal to friends and family.

In Feng Shui, this is the CHEN season and the element is WOOD. It symbolizes renewal, reawakening and rebirth. It's also associated with FAMILY, our connection to the future and allows us to plan, initiate and design in all areas of our lives. Wood provides us the vision and foresight to move ahead, to express our true nature and manifest ourselves in the world. WOOD is also associated with WIND, which can burst through and overcome obstacles. Wind can be sudden and violent, unpredictable and destructive as we have experienced during our fierce winter storms. At the same time, wind carries the seeds of life with it and spreads new life. It penetrates and overwhelms or gently massages with the breeze. It's the paradox of Wood that it can both destroy or create momentum to move forward. The essence of CHEN - Wood is renewal and rebirth. It gives us the ability to feel the freshness of life and the sense of hope. Wood allows us to be well rooted in the past, stand tall in the present and connects us to the future.

In California, springtime - CHEN is the most beautiful season when the hillsides have transformed into a magnificent GREEN. The color green therefore symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. What happens to the body in the presence of green? It's said that your pituitary gland is stimulated, muscles become more relaxed and you feel more calm. Green therefore has great healing power. It is the most restful color to the human eye and it's also the color of action. Green is everywhere - the most common color in the natural world. It's the color we associate with money, prosperity, the environment, revitalization and rebirth.


Abundant winter rains caused many tree roots to weaken and trees to topple. Soil erosion produced numerous slides and road closures. In February, I had three friends who fell - two of whom sustained spinal injuries.
Look for ways to strengthen and stabilize. Professionally, this is the season to review company vision and mission statements. What new projects, plans and activities do you wish to initiate? How will you coordinate your ideas into change and action?
Personally, review what areas of your life need renewal and strengthening. Commit to a program that will assist you in these areas.
Over the past year, I began working with the Vasper technology. Vasper is a revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation technology using cooled compression interval training that boosts personal fitness, athletic performance and healing in a low impact 20 minutes workout. It increases strength and energy, expedites recovery from injury, improves cardio health and more. For information, go to: OR (click on treatments). I like that it only takes 20 minutes and produces positive results.

Go out in nature and practice "forest bathing". For individuals working in office buildings locate a nearby park or waterway and take a restorative noon hour stroll in nature.
Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing. Shinrin-yoku translates to "taking in the forest atmosphere....or forest bathing". It refers to the process of soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of a natural setting to promote physiological and psychological health. It differs from hiking or informative nature excursions because it centers on therapeutic aspects. While a nature walk's objective is to provide informational content and a hike is to reach a destination, Shinrin-yoku gives participants an opportunity to slow down, appreciate things that can only be seen or heard when one is moving slowly and take a break from daily life stresses. Studies have found that forest bathing subjects had lower blood pressure, boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased energy flow and more. In Japan and Korea, forest therapy modalities are integrated into their medical system and are covered by insurance!

Nourish your heart by engaging in activities that spark joy!
Borrow the phrase "does this spark joy" from Marie Kondo's "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" in making choices. For a bountiful garden, compost and nutrients needs to be added for soil renewal and nourishment. In the same way, CHEN is the season to engage in activities that helps you renew and revitalize yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Wishing you a vibrant season of renewal. Blessings of the Chen Season.

Feng Shui Dynamics of IPM
Pt. Reyes Station Library
Pt. Reyes, CA
Saturday, April 15    10:30-noon - FREE
Learn how the universal principles of Feng Shui and Integrated Pest Management work together to create a dynamic and healthy garden.

Call for help in an Energy Spring Cleaning. It' like removing the weeds from the garden and using the transformative power of Feng Shui to plant new seeds of whatever you desire in yourr elationships, prosperity, creativity, health and more.

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BOOK Announcement
"Tuning In
: Simple Rituals for Every Day Living"
Co-Author Nancy Binzen & Terumi Leinow have published a book on rituals. Click here for Tuning In details and order form.

Sponsor a one day workshop for your organization or in your home. Within the Greater Bay Area, I'll travel to your site for a minimum of ten participants. Fun, informative and life transforming. Out-of-state and country workshops are negotiable. Contact Terumi for details.

Is Feng Shui just a popular fad? Terumi helps unravel its mystery, sort fact from fiction and reveal its powers. Her lectures are described as “fun, informative, inspiring”. She has lectured to educational, business and professional organizations such as the College of Marin, University of California, Davis, Morgan Stanley, San Mateo Board of Realtors, National Assoc. of Professional Organizers, Rotary Clubs and more.

“Exceeded expectations….informative, enjoyable, enlightening…bring her back again”
  - UC Davis Staff

“You were the best speaker, clear, engaging, and fun!”
  - California Garden Clubs Annual Convention, Stockton

To arrange for a lecture in the Greater Bay Area contact:
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