Spirit of Feng Shui Winter News


I have been sending out seasonal newsletter first in print and then by email. After twenty years of doing so, I have decided to “put the newsletter to bed”.

Thank you to the many subscribers who I have met over the years:

  • residential and commercial clients who I have had the privilege of sharing the transformative power of Feng Shui to help enhance your personal and professional lives,
  • students who attended ten years of my teaching Feng Shui through the adult education program at Redwood High School
  • attendees of lectures and workshops at various Art, Garden Clubs, Pubic Libraries, UC Davis Brown Bag lunches, numerous professional organizations and more.

What I value about Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are:

  • it’s timeless wisdom handed down through a respected lineage
  • learning about and applying the five element theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and balancing yin/yang the underlying principles which governs Feng Shui, our universe and our bodies
  • that it is so much more than about furniture placement, it is how all our thoughts, words, actions, feeling are retained in the memory of the space we inhabit - a powerful reminder that everything is connected.
  • we look to nature as our greatest teacher for how to live in balance and harmony

I have strived to convey those values through my consultations, lectures, workshops and newsletters over the years.

Please know that I am still available for Feng Shui and Energy Clearing consultations, refreshers and updates.

Although you will not be hearing from me four times a year by newsletter I will remain connected with each and everyone of you in the following way. As you have gleaned from recent newsletters, I have been immersed in Hawaiian hula. I am blessed to have an astounding Hula Master Teacher, composer, Lehua Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. His compositions like Feng Shui are all about the beauty of nature and above all, how we are all interconnected “pilina”. My spiritual practice is to dance hula daily as prayer. And I dedicate the aloha that flows through the dance as a Divine Blessing to ALL BEINGS.

Please click HERE if you wish to see a video of me with my teacher. I performed a solo dance at a recent Hula Festival in September.

What I would like to leave you with is the following thought. At winter solstice when the night is at the most dark, it is important for us to continue to shine a light and to give our personal expression to the phrase “I am the Light of the World”. In addition to hula, here is a daily practice that has made an astounding difference to my life. With so much negativity in the world and the media, this practice keeps me focussed and centered in my heart space.Breathe in Love, breathe out gratitude. For me, it is about breathing out gratitude for every little thing that surrounds me, whether it is the warm fireplace I am sitting by, each of the vitamin pills I take that keep me healthy, my car that takes me places in comfort — moment to moment expressions of gratitude.


With deep appreciation to each and every one of you for our connection. Wishing you warm blessings of Aloha.

Terumi Leinow

Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant


Spirit of Feng Shui Autumn News


On September 23, the sun is above the equator - night and day are of equal length. Also known as Autumn Equinox, it is the official Fall start date. In Feng Shui, autumn relates to two sectors: TUI: Children & Creativity and CHIEN: Benefactor/Helpful People. Of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, water, metal) metal is the element of autumn. The qualities of TUI relates to creativity and joy; the color is white. CHIEN relates to Heaven, inspiration and receiving help from both the visible and invisible worlds; the color is silver and gray.


Feng Shui is about tuning into the cycles of Nature and allowing it to be a teacher to us for how to live a more balanced life. Over Labor Day weekend, my husband and I attended a Tai-Chi/Chi-Gong workshop in Park City, Utah led by Urban Monk Dr. Pedram Shojai. Our incentive was to learn energy enhancing exercises that we could do anywhere, anytime. We came home with transformative tools that are indeed stress reducing while helping us improve joint flexibility, vitality and living a more balanced life. 

Feng Shui, Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts are all based on the yin/yang and five element theories. In his book “Inner Alchemy: Guide to Happiness, Health & Vitality” Dr. Shojai says of this TUI and CHIEN season: “Metal, the element of autumn, represents the declining cycle of nature. It is the energy of shedding off excess and giving back what is superfluous in our lives. A healthy tree sheds its leaves in the fall and loses excess branches that are weak in order to be stronger. This excess that sheds from a tree gets mulched into the ground and become a powerful fertilizer that helps the trees future positive growth. The compost also becomes the fuel and nutritional base for the seeds of its offspring (children) into future generations. This is how life grows in nature and it is exactly how we grow on all levels.”

As we move from the external expansive, carefree nature of summer to the more internal, serious or introspective side of autumn, it is a good time to begin projects that focus on the internal, cultivating things like mindfulness or meditation. The emotions associated with Metal element and Lungs, when out of balance, are sadness or grief. Healthy energy (Qi) in our Lungs is associated with JOY, clear thinking, openness to new ideas and good communication.

This is the perfect season to let go of those thoughts and things that are holding us back from personal growth. It is the time to RELEASE and RENEW.


Here is a simple yet profound breathing exercise from Dr. Shojai to help us let go of stress. 

Place tip of tongue half way along soft palate - roof of mouth

Inhale and exhale through the nose. Breathe in slowly while inflating the abdomen, then deflate on the exhale. Deep breathing controls the autonomic nervous system and forms a bridge between body and mind.

Our autonomic nervous system regulates certain processes such as blood pressure, digestion, heart rate and more. It is divided into sympathetic (prepares body for stress and emergency - fight or flight). The parasympathetic system conserves and restores and slows our heart rate. The reason for placing the tip of tongue to roof of mouth is that it turns OFF the sympathetic and engages the parasympathetic.

This simple breathing practice helps me stop mind chatter and come into the present moment. I do this sitting in traffic in the car, waiting in grocery lines, take a breath break during extended computer times or when feeling stressed. 

Practice deep breathing (tip of tongue to roof of mouth) throughout the day and gain benefit from its calming effects.


I was recently at Laguna Woods at a Hula Festival honoring seniors with my Grandmaster Lehua Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. I am continually astounded by his creativity. He wrote three new compositions to add to four others in support of Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world and sacred to the Hawaiian people. There have been ongoing protests against the erection of a 30 meter telescope on its summit. HIs worldwide students have been dancing these compositions to stand in support of the mountain - wherever we are.

Lehua is a legendary hula teacher, judge, performer, composer, cultural historian and soon will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to Hawaiian music and culture AND will be publishing a children’s book!! HOW can one man be so creatively prolific?

Lehua is deeply connected to CHIEN - Akua - God and receives divine inspiration. This activates TUI - creativity. The JOY from his music blesses the world. Make the time to connect to your own Spiritual Guidance for help in all areas of your life.

I feel deep gratitude and appreciation to dance his hula’s as PRAYER and allow the Divine to flow through the dance to send the blessings of Aloha to my family, friends, community and to stressed world events. (Go to my Facebook page and tune into some of the recent dances).


Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are about transformation. If you need help in any area of your personal or professional life, please contact me for a life enhancing consultation in this season of release and renewal.

Wishing you blessings of this season,

Terumi Leinow
Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant
415 488 4580


Spirit of Feng Shui Summer News


June 21 marks the first day of summer. Also known as Summer Solstice, the day is celebrated in many cultures by honoring the sun, which reaches its maximum elevation on this day. In Feng Shui there are two summer seasons: Early Summer is LI (Fame) and Midsummer is KUN (Marriage/Relationships). Of the five elements of wood, fire, earth metal, water, Li relates to Fire and Kun to Earth.

LI is about your visibility - being seen and recognized for who you are - your reputation and status in society. It relates to the eyes and to the heart. The chi (energy) is of laughter, passion and joy! KUN - marriage is about relationships. First and foremost your relationship with SELF and then with all others. It is the energy of nourishment, sustenance and unconditional love and also relates to your stomach. The physical areas that correspond to LI is: wherever you enter your property, home or business - it is the middle of the far section opposite the main door or driveway. The area of KUN is located in the far right hand section from the door or entry.

LI (Fame/Recognition)

Suggesions to enhance LI:

1. The key is to “brighten up” the physical area of LI as a way to lighten up your life and help enhance your visibility and reputation. For indoor areas, consider adding plants such as red bromeliads or red anthuriam. Dracaena Colorama with green leaves banded in red are low maintenance, and are included in NASA's air purfiying plant list that “helps remove harmful chemicals from the air”. These plants, because they are planted in soil (earth) will also help to enhance Kun.

2. Ourdoors in your LI area, add bright red flowers such as daylilies or spiky plants such as Bird of Paradise - or hang a red bird feeder.

3. For businesses, review your promotional materials: business cards, website, Linked in, Facebook and other ways you are seen in the world. Does it reflect who you are today or is it out of date and requires an update.

4. After you clutter clear the LI position within your office, this is a good location for certificates of recognition or a plaque outlining your Mission Statement.

5. Take time in the morning to spend a few minutes facing the Sun. Sunlight increases the levels of serotonin in the brain which is associated with improved mood and also boosts your Vitamin D levels. Give thanks for the Sun's healing power and ask for blessings on areas of your life.

KUN (Marriage/Relationships)

To enhance KUN:

1. The Kun area of your property or home is a good location for a lounge area, a place to relax and read, enjoy a drink or meal with family and friends. Outdoors, this is also a good area to grow a vegetable garden.

2. As Kun relates to the stomach, this is a good time to make health conscious choices about the foods we eat and how to have a healthy gut. Dr. A. Vojdani states “70% of our immune system is in the gut. Communication of the immune system with the environment of the gut and the foods we eat, plays a role in our overall health.” Hippocrates: “the natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food is our medicine and our medicine our food.”

As Mother Earth produces a cornucopia of foods that nourish us, so our stomach/gut is the doorway to life force energy. Some ways to enhance gut health:

a) Reduce/eliminate unhealthy processed foods as they contain food additives, artificial sweeteners, food colorings, preservatives that are detrimental to health. Check out CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) website for a list of additives commonly found in processed foods - ones to avoid, caution and are safe.

b) Eat organic as much as possible to lower your exposure to pesticides found in conventionally grown fruits/vegetables. Go to: EWG.org for a list of foods that have the least amount of pesticide residue.

c) Eat more fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha and kimchi. Fermentation promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. Probiotics have been shown to improve immune function, as well as digestive health. Adding fermented foods to your diet makes food easier to digest and boosts your immune system.

e) Dr. Mark Hyman suggests “Eat the Rainbow”. “Vegetables and fruit use their colors to signal which beneficial substances they contain. Red indicates the carotenoid lycopene found in tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots. Protects against heart disease. Blue/Purple is anthocyanne in eggplant, beets, red cabbage, blueberries. Green vegetables in brassica family boosts detox. Pale green/white, garlic, onions. Orange represents beta carotene in carrots, pumpkin and yellow green equals lutein benefiting the eyes found in avocado, turnip greens, etc.

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are about transformation. If you need help in any area of your personal or professional life, please contact me for a life enhancing consultation.

Wishing you a Summer time of Light, Laughter, Love and Nourishment.

“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way home.”

Terumi Leinow
Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant
415 488 4580

Happy Spring Equinox March 20
and Happy Chinese New Year
of the Pig February 5

The year of the pig include those born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007. People born in the year of the Pig are said to be peace loving, hard working and seek universal harmony. They are very sociable and trusting. Generous, honest and kind, they are endowed with strength and passion.

In Feng Shui, we enter the season of CHEN – Family, New Beginnings, Renewal, Growth, Vitality and SHUN – Wealth and Prosperity. The element is wood and the colors are green and purple.

Spring Equinox is known by many names – Ostara or Eostre for the Goddess of Spring. She is often seen carrying a basket of eggs and accompanied by a rabbit, both symbols of fertility and new life. The ancient Egyptians, Persians and the Chinese culture use the egg as an icon of fertility and new life. From the word Eostre comes Easter (April 21) which in the Christian tradition is a triumphant remembrance of the resurrection and rebirth of Christ. In Judaism, Passover (April 19-27) is one of the most important festivals celebrating freedom. An eight day observance, it is a special time for family and community to gather and infuse it with joy, meaning and inspiration.

One of the key theme of these celebrations and of this season CHEN and SHUN season is RENEWAL. Some dictionary definitions include: make something the way it formerly was. To bring back to an original condition of freshness; to renew one’s enthusiasm. To put into good or sound condition; to bring back to its former place or position something which has faded, disappeared, been lost. Some areas to consider Renewal include:

The entrance to your home or business is a critical factor for success in Feng Shui as it is considered the “mouth of chi” where energy enters and exits. Is the entrance clear and visible? Perhaps the number signs could use a fresh coat of paint or be replaced. Recent clients had front doors which were totally invisible from the street. This suggests that occupants could experience struggle in various aspects of life. Placing a Welcome sign, a statuary or colorful plant by the gate leading to the front door helped bring vitality and renewal.

As you enter the property, business or home, the far left area symbolizes the sector related to Wealth. This is a good time to review what is going on in the Wealth sector and do some spring-cleaning of what might be old and stagnant and add some vitality with fresh green plants or purple orchids to activate prosperity.

Feng Shui is so much more than just the outer environment. It is about life force energy within ourselves. With busy lifestyles and information overload, it is essential to find ways to renew and replenish ourselves on a regular basis as an antidote to stress and overwhelm. Make the time to do the things that YOU ENJOY that helps you feel replenished and renewed.

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are about transformation. If you need help in “spring cleaning” any area of your personal or professional life, please contact me for a life enhancing consultation.

Wishing you a joyful springtime of renewal and rejuvenation.

Terumi Leinow
Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant
415 488 4580



Happy holidays and winter solstice.

In Feng Shui this is the KAN season symbolizing career and opportunity. As we approach the first day of winter light (yang) is at its lowest point and darkness (yin) is at its greatest. It is a call to go inward.

SHUI - WATER “Shui” means water. Of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, water – water is central to the understanding and application of Feng Shui. Some aspects to consider about the energy of water during thie KAN season are.

Too Much Water
Too much water results in floods and being washed away. In Feng Shui structures located at the bottom of steep hills, at a T intersection or having a steep slope behind your dwelling have the potential of too much water or excess energy. Occupants of such dwellings can experience overwhelm or continual financial or emotional “drain”. A lifestyle of constant activity and continual “doing” feelings of overwhelm and the inability to say “no”, are often signs of too much water.

Not Enough Water
Deserts and times of droughts, signifies lack of water. If your home or business is located at a dead end street or your front door or main entrance is completely invisible to the street, this could mean the ”shui” is not adequately flowing to you and your business. Personal or professional health issues, financial challenges and relationship issues, excessive fear and depression, can be signs of ”not enough shui”.

Stagnant Water
Stagnant water is a breeding ground for diseases - mosquitoes – bacteria. Homes, businesses located in a cul de sac and excessive clutter in your environment, are potential for stagnant conditions. This may exhibit as feelings of “being stuck”, an inability to move forward and lack of opportunities.

Water in Balance
Water is essential to all life form: human, animal, mineral, vegetable. 70% of the world and 60% of our bodies are composed of water. Water is therefore essential to life itself and to our right livelihood.

When the water element is balanced, opportunities flow easily and effortlessly into our personal and professional lives. We can tap into the silence of our inner wisdom or engage in social activities with vitality. Prosperity of mind, body, health and finances will flow with ease.

To Balance Yin/Yang and To Activate Kan
To enhance lifestyle balance, practice the art of “yes” and “no”. Learn to set boundaries and say yes to activities that “spark joy” and NO to things that drain you. Notice that water requires containment or it runs all over the place.

Just like you need to sweep up leaves to keep them from clogging drains, in the same way, continue to remove clutter. De-clutter your physical spaces, as well as letting go of any grievances, stress, worry that may be cluttering your mental/emotional space. Remember, clutter is “stuck energy”. This will help with the flow of “Shui”.

KAN is the optimal season to learn from a reflective pond. A calm, still pond symbolizes wisdom. Eckhart Tolle says: “Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking and listening activates the non conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.”

It is from this place of inner calm and stillness that you can light your way by setting desired intentions for 2019. Energy – “shui” follows intention.

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are about transformation. If you need help in any area of your personal or professional life, please contact me for a life enhancing consultation

Wishing you a creative time of inner peace and blessings for a joyful New Year.

Terumi Leinow
Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant
415 488 4580