Simple Rituals for Everyday Living

When one pays attention, life, itself, becomes a special event. Ritual is simply a tool to help you do this. If you’ve ever wanted to bring ritual into your life in an easy, practical way, this new book may be just what you’re looking for. Drawing from such diverse traditions as the Dagara of West Africa and Feng Shui, TUNING IN co-authors Nancy Binzen and Terumi Leinow have created a step-by-step introduction to ritual practice that is accessible to all.

The book includes instructions on how to build different kinds of altars, and how to open and close sacred space. There are rituals for individuals, couples and groups, including:

• Prosperity and Health
• Rekindling Your Dreams
• Letting Go of Stress
• Forgiveness
• Connecting with Animal Helpers
• and many more

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“Tuning In: Simple Rituals for Everyday Living”,
Nancy Binzen & Terumi Leinow